• 3 in 1 Marathon

    3 races, 2 days, in total 42km

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  • Panorama half marathon

    21 Km 1.030m D+

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  • Alto trail

    13km 530m D+

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Possibility to put your tents and camp close to start and finish of all races. Camping area will be organised by camping.mk and will be free of charge. However, if you like their work, there will be a box for donations.

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Krushevo trail challenge

about event

Krushevo Trail Challenge is a international outdoor event taking place annually in the surroundings of Krushevo, N.Macedonia. Organisation is in the hands of “Orienteering Club Zlatovrv”. This year’s edition will be held on 7-8th of August 2021.

  • Kruševo is a town in North Macedonia. In Macedonian language the name means the 'place of pear trees'. It is the highest town in North Macedonia and one of the highest in the Balkans, situated at an altitude of over 1350 m (4429 feet) above sea level. The town of Kruševo is the seat of Kruševo Municipality. The town is officially bilingual, Macedonian and Aromanian, hence both town names are official. It is located in the western part of the country, overlooking the region of Pelagonia, 33 and 53 km from the nearby cities of Prilep and Bitola, respectively.
    North Macedonia
Krushevo Trail Challenge

challenge yourself

  • Give us a call: 076-814-281
  • Send us a mail: ktc.zlatovrv@outlook.com
  • 6th – 8th August 2021 Friday-Monday
  • Location Directions to event